Formula 305 started during the summer of 2021 in the 305, with 3 long term friends that loved parties and enjoyed outdoor activities that included beach sports, boating, and hanging out.  The trio were accustomed to looking good with little effort due to their metabolism.  However, as they became older, they had one problem in common - they were struggling to take off the swim shirts due to those few stubborn pounds.

One day, they were discussing their weight loss struggles when Danny had an idea. "What if we create our own weight loss supplement?" he asked. "We are not alone, many people struggle with looking fit, so why not create a product for all who want to look their best"

Excited about the idea, the group started researching different ingredients that could aid in weight loss. They spent countless hours reading scientific studies, talking to experts, and experimenting with different formulas until they finally found the perfect combination of ingredients.

They wanted to ensure the product captured the energy that revolves around Miami, FL, THE 305.  Miami is one of the hottest cities on the planet and people from all over the world escaped COVID restrictions in their own cities and came to Miami.  By combining the energetic vive and motivation that only Miami provides with a product that delivers results, they could change people's lives!

Formula 305 is a journey that combines a natural supplement with a team of individuals aiming to motivate people to achieve the results they want and enjoy the journey.  Dieting is not easy and that is especially true for hardworking parents and busy individuals.  

Formula 305 contains natural ingredients like green tea extract, Glucomannan Powder,L-Carnitine Tartrate, and Garcinia Cambogia all of which were known to boost metabolism, reduce appetite, and aid in weight loss.  After testing their product on themselves and seeing impressive results, they decided to take the next step and bring it to market. They pooled their savings and invested in manufacturing and packaging the supplement in Miami, FL

They contracted artists to prepare music playlists, coaches to provide email motivation, and established not only the right supplement but the tools to get started and stay committed during the journey.  Formula 305 is the ultimate support system for people willing to do what it takes to live life to the fullest and look their best.

The greatest reward for the 305 Trio is the reviews that they continue to receive from people all over the world that have accomplished their goals of looking their best.  They continue to develop products and ideas to address the needs of people who live life to the fullest.